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  1. Good Grief "Charlies Chuck would say" at least we all know who she is like, some of the people isn't dumb but she is the one is so dumb to ask for that amount to tell to the Judge, oh jeepy where she think she getting away with lot of money wow.That total crazy bat, she is rattle to Avenatte. I didn't know the lawyer is very expensive.
    Would you think she need a diamond earring, hmm? She think nothing at all. She will flask around to several men and all smiling.
    Oh that would be weird.

  2. First unwritten rule in being a courtesan is a customer's confidentiality. It's unfortunately also been known to be broken when the less than professional/ethical allow the sociopathies of stalking, greed, extortion etc come into play.
    She's paying $600,000 for breaking the rule. it's Karma at its best.

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