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  1. Shlemko and Froese are not regulars, it's not a loss. Weise could have a minor role on the fourth line, he is loved by fans and he can occasionally distract the other team. Folin may have his chance if Juulsen does not get back in shape. It's depth, a small insurance policy. It will be perceived as a positive message for the players; we have your back, here are two backup players with big bodies and they won’t take a lot of ice time.

  2. Habs seems to be a team that players who fit well can jumpstart their careers but also a team that careers die when it doesnt work. Weise has already shown that he plays well in a Habs uniform while Schlemko was not being used even though he might have been skilled enough. New scenery cant hurt either of them because, they are both borderline washed up.

  3. I do not think that it is Randy Carlyle's fault as you stated the core group of the Anaheim Ducks I think it is more a problem with Upper management … Really Bob Murray should know that his team is getting old and it is going to take quite a while for them to speed up to the NHL speed now they are a lot like the Kings. Bob Murray should have started to do this rebuild in the off season, I think there will be a few trades involving the Ducks I doubt if Bob can turn it around as per the trade with The Habs and Flyers … It is mostly forth line type players but I think the reason why they took Schlemko is that he does have some play off experience and played very well in the games that he played with the Habs when Webber was down. Depth move for both teams

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