Pro-Life Movie Overcomes Hollywood Opposition for Strong Opening Weekend

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  1. We love Dean Cain as he is really making a difference. So what if the Hollyweird Leftist Snobs Elitists are Melting Down over this as they're Irrelevant Schmucks. Rosie O'Donnell wants our Military to take out President Trump too? Oh,and after Donald Trump got Elected, she was so sick over it for a year until she recovered too. No, she hasn't recovered at all. We saw this bit on Tucker Carlson with Mr. Cain and thought how Hilariously Funny it was regarding Rosie. Something is blowing in the wind and it's the sweet smell of the 50 Shades of Red! Amen!

  2. The over whelming majority of women in the country either have had an abortion or know some woman who has had an abortion . There are almost the same number of men who are responsible for the atrocity . Opposition to the movie is just about trying to justify the unjustifiable .

  3. i remember chris farley in movies like black sheep that exposed politician corruption and tommy boy where he combated corporate take over of small business which saved a small town. these kind of movies america needs more, less avengers lol

  4. The left baffles me. Gosnell is terrible for pro lifers. You'd think they'd wanna disassociate with him and condemn him as not a typical abortion provider. Yet they fought this movie, and by doing so claim Gosnell as one of their own. They deserve to suffer the consequences of defending him

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