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  1. Awww, no mention of the Great Prince at all? I know his interactions with Bambi were brief, but he saved him on several occasions and others. I'll admit, I am not surprised Mufasa got #1, but my fav father is Pongo.

  2. 10: He wasn't a carpenter, he was a wood-craftsman.
    9: He may care about his daughters a lot, but he's too close-minded. Some human pirates killed his wife, and he uses it as justification to believe that all humans are bad.
    8: Yeah, but you'd think that a king of the gods would install some sort of security system on Olympus once his son was born.
    7: Sweet guy, but we barely see him.
    6: Now this guy was good. Willing to die of sickness in a dungeon for his daughter's freedom. Still…he shouldn't have traveled alone at his age.
    5: Part of the reason Goofy loves his son "too much" is because he's loving his wife through him. Still…he IS a bit too clingy…
    4: Oh yeah. Willing to travel hundreds of miles from home and endure wind and blizzards to get his children home. Not to mention taking in 84 other children and raising them as his own. Fathers don't get more loving that that.
    3: Virtually every man has a mid-life crisis. You can't blame Mr. Incredible for longing for action as he gets a bit older. It doesn't make him a bad parent.
    2: No comment. Not a fan of this movie. I know he's a good father, but…too much talking and not enough results in this movie.
    HM #1: If only Kerchak was willing to be more like him.
    HM #2: Come on! Seriously?! Forcing your daughter to marry into wealth and keeping her imprisoned?! He may come round at the end, but fathers don't get any worse than this guy!
    HM #3: We don't…see a lot of paternal love from this guy. Mostly hatred and racism.
    1: Oh yes. Protective, wise, strong, and willing to die for his children (and in a way did). THAT'S a dad!

  3. If you did a video like this but for Disney mothers, then most of them would be dead. Luckely, only one father on this list died.
    It's a very tradgic tradition for Disney. And I love Mufasa! He is so freaking great! 😢❤️

  4. ''To be clear we are only including those who are truly fathers. Father figures don't count''
    What happens next:
    Top 10: Geppetto, aka father figure because he isn't technically pinocchio's father
    Great job everyone

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