How to Spot a Broke Boy with City Girls (HNHH Interview 2018)

City Girls are a relatively new duo signed to Quality Control. The outspoken girls stopped by the HNHH office upon release of their debut effort on QC, “Period” …


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  1. ya'll in the comments hate them so much. why even watch just to talk shit about black women? ya'll hate black women so much and i mean darker skinned black women because if they was two light skin women with weaves ya'll wouldn't give af, ya'll wouldn't tear their looks to pieces, ya'll would think everything they do was cute.

  2. Shid my baby daddy all of theses. No car no job dirty fingernail…A broke ass drug dealer….trying be a player bt mad cause i played his ass 😂😂😂😂. Cause i have more than him.. My own place. My own truck and a business. And a new man…matter of fact he told me how he was buming for gas money the other nite trying make a lick..smh they the main ones talking & trying to degrade somebody else

  3. I don't do none of this & I'm broke as fuck! No cheap boxers, keep a nice cut, and gotta have clean nails wtf? & aint never ask a chick NOR nigga to let me hold a red cent.

    I like them tho they cool 😄

  4. You niggas who lives up north you niggas really be struggling up there. Whole different mentality we have, you niggas spend your whole month salary on rent alone 😂😂😂. Move to the south and get your bread up suckas

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