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  1. after taking philosophy class it fucked up my thinking. I no longer judged anothers religion (that was not causing harm to anyone). The religions who practice sexual, mental or physical abuse needs to be shot to death, it's more of an evil control that they want. An atheist can't prove God doesn't exist no more than a Christian can prove he does. As long as your being respectful to other human lives just on a human being stand point who cares what you believe. I truly want to believe that mermaids exist. Im still waiting for actual proof but is proof really proof. As history shows us something's were all a lie just waiting on the next person to expose the truth or is it truth.

  2. So proud to see some irish celebs in there using their common sense, anyone who's grown up in "catholic Ireland" knows the only way forward is to brake the chains that bound us to abuse scandals, atrocities and sadly murder, being indoctrinated into a religion at birth and being brain washed as a child should be illegal.
    We shouldn't put such a thing on our children, give them the freedom to believe when they have the intellect to choose what's right for them.

  3. Actors/actresses = Hypocrites. The profession of acting was considered similar to the Jester (Fool) many centuries ago neither these "entertainers" had credibility. Talented at acting doth not make an intelligent nor wise person as well. Majority in Hollyweird are Narcissistic nutjobs with Daddy and Mummy issues lacking in morality and many virtues whatsoever.

  4. Without God, Ken Francis declares, ‘we would be nothing more than evolved slime fighting for survival amongst a multitude of semi-advanced apes dressed in skirts and suits with delusions of intellectual grandeur.’ I was once a philosophically, theologically, scientifically and intellectually flawed agnostic, unexposed to sophisticated arguments for the existence of God.’ So I took particular care to research both sides of the debate. The Humanist philosopher Bertrand Russell said : ‘The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people are so full of doubts. Who should one trust,’
    Ken Francis asks: ‘A machine made of blind chemicals bent on survival and oblivious to higher truths, or a Mind created by an infinite Intelligence endowed with objective moral values, reasoning skills and the capacity for absolute truth? Which is the most rational?’ He quotes the American philosopher RC Sproul: ‘Only those who believe that man is made in God’s image have grounds for attributing any kind of worth to humanity.

  5. Actually, these atheists actors are just those who claimed their non-believing openly. So-called coming out. It might be the others who cover their atheism on commercial or other reasons.

  6. People all make a run to these famous actors looking to see what they believe in,but in truth they are just people same as anyone else,what they believe in is what they believe in,it doesnt meen any more than anyone elses beliefs

  7. Natalie Portman plays a character about a Jesus Christ's film, Morgan Freeman narrates a documentary about the existence of God and they are atheists? These people are so hypocrites and hungry for money that they don't care to do projects about the one who they don't believe in! They'll burn in hell.

  8. Oh I accept that there are plenty of atheists in this world, including among celebrities.  As someone pointed out, the ones who have died have had their delusion shattered.  I'm really not impressed, there are a lot of deceived, foolish people in the world.

  9. Its difficult to understand how can someone believe in theories but not God?? Thus big bang theory no one was there but they believe it took place, scientists have proven that stuff in the bible took place, there were remnants of the ark, the ark of the covenant is around, there was even proof of the day that was missing spoken about in Joshua. And I saw something about scientists saying there is actually is being who really had a part to play in creation, imagine atheists have converted to Christianity, Satanists as well, I think once a person opens themselves to the live of Jesus and sincerely asks Him to come in their life and hearts they would believe there is a God and a Saviour

  10. In the beginning there was nothing. Which exploded. I wonder why Max Planck believed in God? He is universally recognized as the father  of modern physics; he formulated one of the most important physical  theories of the 20th century – Quantum Theory.  “Religion represents a bond of man to God. It consists in reverent awe before a  supernatural Might, to  which human life is subordinated and which has in its power our welfare  and misery. To remain in permanent contact with this Might  and keep it all the time inclined to oneself, is the unending effort  and the highest goal of the believing man. Because  only in such a way can one feel himself safe before expected and  unexpected dangers, which threaten one in his life, and can  take part in the highest happiness – inner psychical peace – which can  be attained only by means of strong bond to God  and unconditional trust to His omnipotence and willingness to help.”

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