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  1. what children if the state want me go to war and pretty much give my family to some one of higher rank. Totally fair you serve 4 year but the government give your family KKK fellow who never did a push up

  2. I think the lesson to be learned is DON'T become a teacher.  Become a celebrated actor.  THEN you can make it RAIN money, your balls become the Ladie's favorite fruit, and you can drink whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want just cuz.

  3. This is like when you don't know what's going on so you accidentally join Boko Haram. I've got to save my son like Marlin from finding Nemo he's in some real trouble, but Spirit Airlines doesn't fly to Nigeria and I don't trust any other airline because they're run by pouch people trying to advance the anti-placental mammal agenda.

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